Malibu C - De-Ox 6g


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Malibu C - De-Ox

Stop oxidation of bleach and developer. Malibu C De-Ox is a unique backbar product designed to normalise porosity and pH. Cost-efficient and 100% vegan, De-Ox is simply mixed with water then applied to hair after colouring, lightening or toning to stop oxidation. De-Ox sits in the hair for only 60 seconds before rinsing, delivering your client the best service and results possible. De-Ox ensures maximum bang for your buck – the sachet, once mixed with water, forms a light gel and spreads easily throughout hair. This cruelty-free hair remedy was designed and manufactured in the USA.

To Use: Fill applicator bottle with 60ml of water and pour in crystals. Shake to dissolve. Add 180ml of water, then shake to form a light gel. Dispense and saturate onto oxidized hair to stop oxidative action of developer and bleach. Rinse De-Ox from hair and shampoo and condition, as necessary.


  • 6g sachet (simply add water)
  • Stops oxidation after colouring, toning or lightening
  • Normalises porosity and pH
  • Spreads easily through hair
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan
  • Formulated without gluten, sulphate surfactants and parabens
  • Professional use only
  • Made in the USA