Foil Me - Originals (Pre-Cut Foil - 500 Sheets - 12.5cm x 28cm)


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 Grip Me Originals

(Pop-Up Foil Sheets - 12.5cm x 28cm) 


500 Sheets of Amazingness 


  • They are embossed (have a gritty appearance and feel) on one side; especially designed to grip the hair to prevent slippage so they are perfect for high-lift-tint and bleach. 

  • They come out of the box like tissues do out of a tissue box which makes them super easy to use and this means the foils don't stick together!

  • They are designed to be fine so they can get closer to the scalp than any other foil, but they are also very strong so they can be folded or twisted without tearing.

  • They do not have a pre existing fold so you may fold whatever way you would like!

  • As well as this, they come in a sturdy and classy white box so they look super cool on your trolleys.

  • They come in 3 different sizes

  • There is no need to have an apprentice hand you foils; they are your apprentice!

  • They are 100% recyclable!

  • They are quieter than other foil

  • They are great for travel as they come in a sturdy box and they stay together!

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