L3VEL3™ Hero Package.


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Are you ready to L3VEL UP?

The H3RO Intro Package is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the highly sought
after L3VEL 3 range. The H3RO Package gives you a chance to play with some of the brands
most popular products. Join the L3VEL 3 family and experience the difference today.

You Receive:
4 x Shaving Gel - Aqua 500ml
4 x Aftershave Cologne - Aqua 400ml
4 x Hair Gel 250ml
4 x Spider Wax 150ml
4 x Forming Cream 150ml
4 x Pomade 150ml
4 x Paste 150ml
1 x Styling Powder 6 Piece Display
4 x Tinted Black Gel 250ml
1 x Neck Papers

You Receive FREE:
1 x Aftershave Cologne - Aqua 400ml
1 x Hair Gel 500ml
1 x Spider Wax 150ml
1 x Forming Cream 150ml
1 x Pomade 500ml
1 x Paste 150ml
1 x Styling Powder 30g
1 x Tinter Black Gel 250ml

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